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Become a Freemason


In order to become a Freemason and member of the Ashland No.168 under the Grand Lodge of Virginia you must have two Master Masons vouch for your character and recommend you into our Craft.  You also have to be a man, 18 years old or older, of good character, and believe in a God that promotes peace, love, and harmony towards all mankind.  These are some of the basic requirements for membership into our Fraternity.

MEMBERSHIP PETITION (form can be found here)

The doors of Freemasonry are open to men who seek harmony with their fellowman, feel the need for self-improvement and wish to participate in making this world a better place to live.   Any man who becomes a Mason is taught a pattern for living – reverence, morality, kindness, honesty, dependability, and compassion. He must be prepared to honor his country, uphold its laws, and respect those in authority. He must be prepared to maintain honorable relations with others and be willing to share in Masonic activities.

For more information, feel free to use our "Contact" page, and our secretary will reach out as soon as possible. 


For those who are looking to either transfer lodges or perhaps join an additional lodge, we've made it easier for you! Below, you can find the Membership Transfer application.

Membership Transfer Application (Click Here)

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